Iran’s Quran Radio to Launch Summer Quranic Plan

Iran’s Quran Radio to Launch Summer Quranic Plan
(Sunday, July 1, 2018) 16:08

A Quranic plan titled “Quran, Book of Life 1452” will be launched by Iran’s Quran Radio on Saturday.

The Center of Mosque Studies - The plan, named 1452 to mark the 1452ndyear after the revelation of the Quran, features memorization of the 30thJuz (part) of the Holy Book.

During a live program to be aired on the radio for one and a half hours every day until the end of summer, the listeners will be helped in learning the Quran by heart.

The program also includes Tafseer (interpretation) and translation of the verses being memorized.

A Juz is one of thirty parts of varying lengths into which the Quran is divided.

The Quran Radio, affiliated to the Islamic Republic of IRAN Broadcasting (IRIB) is a radio station based in Tehran whose aim is to help listeners get more acquainted with the Book of God.

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