No other country is as independent as Iran: Imam Khamenei

No other country is as independent as Iran: Imam Khamenei
(Thursday, March 22, 2018) 16:30

All nations of the world, in some manner or degree, compromise with domineering powers. The only nation whose opinion is not influenced by any other nation is the Iranian nation.

The Center of Mosque StudiesOn the first day of the 1397 Persian New Year, dubbed the year of "Support for Iranian Products," Ayatollah Khamenei visited the Shrine of Imam Reza (as) in Mashhad, wherein he delivered a speech to the pilgrims and residents of the area. 

Before a large audience at the Shrine of Imam Reza, today, on the topic of Justice, the Leader of the Revolution stated:  "Some weeks ago, I said we were lagging behind in the area of justice: I still believe it; however, the malicious groups interpreted it in another way. They said my remarks meant that the country hadn't done anything in the area of justice." 

Elaborating further on his remarks that were taken out of context, the Leader clarified his remarks: "Regarding justice, much has been accomplished, great actions have been taken, but this is not the justice that we desire and is hoped for by the Muslim nation, it is far from it.
However, if you compare our country with how it was before the revolution, or with many other countries, you will see that class struggle is less, and low income classes are more abled. Education, health services, and many other things are certainly more generalized compared to many other countries." 

Speaking on Iran's improvements, according to statistics, since the Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei said: "I have noted some statistics here which are interesting to mention. These stats are issued by the World Bank, not based on internal statistics. According to the statistics, before the revolution, the Gini coefficient was higher than 50. This is a measure to indicate the level of inequality in a country. The higher the number is, the bigger the level of inequality would be and vice versa. Before the Islamic Revolution the Gini index was at 50, whereas, in 2015 it was 38 for Iran. The difference between 50 and 38 indicates the amount that the problem of inequality has been reduced."

Additionally, he mentioned: "Other international statistics, again coming from the World Bank, are as follows: before the revolution 46% of the population of Iran, almost half, were in absolute poverty. In 2014, 46% was reduced to 9.5%; that, is the amount of work realized. The Islamic Republic, despite all the pressure it has endured, has carried out great work to provide justice and has made a lot of progress.
Of course propaganda says another thing, and the justice we demand and desire is greater than this.
So, the motto of justice is a realistic motto, a motto that is long entrenched in the country."

The Leader stressed on the importance of self-productive economy in stating: "One of the obstacles in the way of progress is ignoring the policy of self-production in economy. One of the features of a resilient economy and among its policies is self-production. Self-production means that production of capital happens by activity inside the country. So we do not rely on other countries.
During previous years, with different administrations, they wanted to take a loan out from the World bank or the International Monetary Fund; but, I didn't let them do that. They had prepared the preliminaries. It is a big mistake to be indebted to foreigners." 

He continued, "Economy should be self-productive. Though, it does not mean we close doors to the country; No, I said be self-productive and outgoing."

Noting that investment is a means for supporting production Ayatollah Khamenei said: "One of the methods for supporting Iranian production is investment in production by the actors of  the economy. The actors of economy should not only be engaged in commerce. They should seek investment in production. If their intentions are made pure, for God's sake, to help the country, this investment will be like an act of worship. Though it is profitable, because it is done to help the country and the people, it becomes worship."

The Leader of the Revolution aimed his focus on the Nowruz motto of Iranian products by stating: "My suggestion is that, as I mentioned earlier, you seriously look towards Iranian products. The salesperson should sell Iranian products, and the buyer should buy Iranian products. The officials should pave the way for Iranian production and prevent illegal imports."

"The Islamic Republic flew the flag of dignity and strength for the Iranian nation in the region," said the Leader of the Revolution. 

He further mentioned the positive impacts of Iran's regional roles, adding: "The Islamic Republic made an essential contribution to defeat the Takfiris in the region. The Islamic Republic could liberate the people from these Takfiris in an important part of this region, and these are great results not to be diminished." 

Pointing to those who meddle in foreign affairs, but accuse Iran, the Leader said, "Now, international meddlers, those who want to meddle in the internal affairs of every part of the world, protest Iran's involvement--this is not any of your business!"

He mentioned USA's part in the creation of ISIS and Iran's success in fighting against them, "The Islamic Republic could diffuse the United States' plan for the region. What was America's plan? The plan was to create venomous, evil, and destructive groups, such as ISIS, to divert nations' attention from the occupying Zionist regime and not to let them think about the Zionist regime. This is the plan we could defuse." 

Noting on the hypocrisy of the USA he said, "They claim they were involved in the destruction of ISIS. This is a lie. The policy of the US is to keep ISIS, but under their own thumb. Of course, ISIS, and other such groups, are easy to create for the US, but difficult to handle. They want to keep calling the shots with ISIS. Beside the fact that the US is not able to make the region secure." 

The Leader of the Revolution reminded the audience that wherever Iran goes, it is there upon request, to that he stated: "Our presence is requested by governments. Wherever we have gone, it has been because the governments and the nations of the region have asked us for help, and we helped. We were reasonably motivated to help." 

Indicating differences between the West and Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei assured his audience that Iran was not a country to meddle, unlike Western countries: "Everybody must know that any help given, regarding regional matters, has been given after much thought and calculations. We could, and we succeeded, thank God. It will be the same in the future. We do not want to meddle in other countries' affairs." 

Finally, the Leader said, "Let me tell you, God willing, without the shadow of a doubt, the United States will not achieve its goals in the region, and we will accomplish our objectives.

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