Larijani: Quds Day, day of Islamic awakening

Larijani: Quds Day, day of Islamic awakening
(Friday, July 1, 2016) 20:03

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that the International Quds Day rallies provokes Islamic awakening among nations.

Speaking among reporters on the sidelines of Quds Day on Friday, Larijani pointing to the impressive turnout of Iranian people at Quds Day said the massive presence is first effective for the dignity of the Iranian nation showing how concerned they are over the fate of other Muslims.

Secondly, he added, their massive turnout is also effective to support the oppressed Palestinian people and to block the path for the Zionists' violences regarding the current conditions in the region, and awaken Muslim Ummah.

In response to a question about the submission of some Muslim countries' leaders to the Zionist regime over the Palestinian issue, Larijani expressed regret saying we do not expect anything from affiliated governments since the main path is Muslim nations' awakening.

He underlined the need for the focus of Muslim nations on the Palestinian issue through different ways which can be a real support for solving Palestinian issue in the future.

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