The first international film and photo competition for “kind Moharram”

The first international film and photo competition for “kind Moharram”
(Friday, October 23, 2015) 12:59

Contemporary with arriving Moharram 1437 AH, Culture Wave Institute in cooperation with Information Technology and Digital Media Center from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance holds Eighth National Mourning Ceremony and the first International Film and Photo Competition under the title of “Mehr-e- Moharram”.

Eighth National Mourning Ceremony ”KindMoharram”

The first international film and photo competition for “kind Moharram”

One thousand three hundred and seventy six years passed from the great ASHURA event. Every year when “Moharram” arrives, world people’s heart beats so quickly and pumps fresh blood to the world people’s body. Hossain’s voice who says: “Is there anybody who helps me?” is currently heard by the people from all over the world. The leader and master of martyrs was thirsty for acceptation and artists of Ashura will yell “we accept you oh Hossain” through their camera lens and will echo his liberalism and truthfulness all over the world.

Now contemporary with arriving Moharram 1437 AH, Culture Wave Institute in cooperation with Information Technology and Digital Media Center from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance holds Eighth National Mourning Ceremony and the first International Film and Photo Competition under the title of “Mehr-e- Moharram”. So all the photographers and film makers are invited to send their works by registering and uploading in or send it to our secretarial office by the post.

Goals of the Mourning Ceremony

1-    To spread out Ashura culture and art in community and cyberspace

2-    National and international convergence and synergy in producing and publishing the cultural content of Ashura

3-    Strengthening the links among religion, art and media

4-    Public acquaintance of people in Islamic Republic of Iran and the other countries of the world with customs and rituals of mourning during Moharram.

5-    Revival of traditional customs rooted in Islam and Iranian culture and away from any superstitions.

6-    Culturing optimal use of digital media tools to encourage the production of original content.

Mourning Ceremony Sections

This competition will be held in both video and photography parts

Video section


  • The life of Imam Hosain(pbuh)
  • Behavior and personality of Imam Hossein (pbuh)
  • Moharram (free looking to Moharram)
  • Generiosity of Imam Hossein (pbuh)
  • Imam Hosain’s (pbuh)Thoughts and culture
  • Rituals for mourning in Moharram
  • fighting against superstitions and alteration of Ashura and Moharram
  • Speech and debates of Imam Hossein (pbuh)
  • Imam Hosain’s (pbuh) Pilgrimage and Ashura
  • Servants of Imam Hossein (pbuh)
  • Utilizing the teachings of Imam Hosain (pbuh) for how to live
  • Insight in the understanding of right and wrong based on intellectual foundations of Imam Hosain (pbuh)
  • Symbols and cues for Ashura
  • Hidden subjects and less paid attention points in the life of Imam Hosain (pbuh) (new or less paid attention subjects are in priority)
  • March in fortieth memorable of Imam Hosain (pbuh) and artistic aspects of this great pilgrimage
  • Reconstruction of Holy Shrines in Iraq


1-Sending production is open to the public.

2-For the experience section, the conditions for loading up to 20 MB for each film is provided.

3- Each of the videos should be sent to review independently, after registering the art work on the system (complete personal information and video), inserting the tracking code, the specifications of the film, the director and time of the film completely on DVD (including three photographs from the scene and a photograph of the director on CD).

4- The Secretariat office will not be responsible for possible damage caused by incorrect sending by the participants.

5- The applications sent with incomplete documents or defective films are not accepted

6-Delivering the original video is necessary at most after 7 days for national section and after 20 days for international section. Otherwise, the video will be eliminated from competition.

7-    Selected original film must be presented with one of FULL HD, HDV, HD, DV formats. The films sent for Experience section can be with one of the current formats for mobiles or personal cameras.(PreferablyAVI)

8-    Final decision is the secretary authority for any point that is not foreseen in this regulation or the ambiguities which are due to its content.

9-    The prize will be awarded to just one winner in each field for this competition.

10-For producing TV advertising the organizer of competition is allowed to use minimum of works which are received.

11-There is no limitation in sending art works.

12- Participating in this competition means acceptance of the rules.

13- Maximum time for short fiction and documentary films are 30 minutes.

14-The time for films applied for participating in Experience section must be at least 3 and at most 6 minutes.

15- For real and legal film producers, the license must be sent to the secretariat office by the supplier if accepted.

Photo section

Parts of photo Section:

-         Single photo

-         Photo collection

Photo Competition Subjects:


-         Mourning ceremonies and rituals in Moharram

-            New artistic and creative observation to Ashura event and Moharram

-            Great march for Hosain’s fortieth day and everlasting effects of Hosain(pbuh) pilgrimage.


1-   Participation is free for all people.

2-   Each photographer can send 7 single photos and 1 photo collection (containing 3 to 5 photos)

3-   All photos must be sent in JPEG format, 40 cm in small side and with dpi300 resolution.

4-   Sending photos with less than 10 MB must be done by loading in photo registration time.

5-   For photos with size greater than 10 MB insert the tracking code, the name of the photographer and the title on a CD after registering on the site and send it to the Secretariat office.

6-   Photos must be taken Moharram 2014 and 2015.

7-   . Participants should send their photos with their full name and numbered in English, for example: Ahmadi1

8-   . Specifications of each entry includes: first and last name, age, educations, exact address, phone and mobile number of photographer, title. Place and time of each photo should be entered at first in personal information and then in additional information section on the site and tracking code must be received.

9-   Works must be documented. Avoid any manipulation by computer software or revising which skews the documentary aspects of image.

10-sent photos should not have the photographer’s signature, date, pass-partout, frame, watermark or logo. 11- Secretariat office, recognize the sender as the owner. If the contrary is proven the photo will be removed from competition and all the privileges will be canceled.

12- If the photo has already won any prize in a competition or exhibition it will be removed from judgment phase.

13- Sent photos will not be returned.

14- If sent files are incomplete they won’t be shown in exhibition.

15- All printing and publishing rights (digital or printed sheet form), and holding national or foreign exhibitions are preserved for organizer.

16- The organizer will be charged for unforeseen problems.

17- The secretariat office won’t pay any attention to the works which are sent after the deadline time.

18-Sending works to the secretariat office means accepting the conditions.


Consideredvaluableprizes that will be announced in the nextnotifications


     Closing Date For Registering & Sending Works: Sunday 13 Dec 2015

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