Tehran Immerses in Happiness as Eid al-Qadir Approaches

Tehran Immerses in Happiness as Eid al-Qadir Approaches
(Thursday, October 1, 2015) 18:46

Islamic festivities have been regularly welcomed by the Iranian people as sacred merrymaking occasions. Tehran, which is playing host to hajis coming back from pilgrimage to Mecca, is also preparing to mark the greatest Shia religious occasion, Eid al-Qadir. Therefore, mosques and cultural centers are holding various programs which are attended by big groups of people.

Tehran SAMA quoted Mohammad Hadi Ayyazi, Tehran deputy mayor for social and cultural affairs, as saying that this year’s Qadir programs are meant to promote the rich Islamic culture, emphasis on Islamic guardianship of faqih (Muslim jurisprudent) and its impact on the social life of citizens, and increase social happiness. Easy access to celebration places coordination in holding programs and cooperation among mosques, local councils and nongovernmental organizations are major characteristics of the current year’s Eid al-Qadir.
Ayyazi noted that adorning the city with lights, improving visual perspective of the city, holding cultural exhibitions in 22 districts of Tehran, and various programs for schools and mosques are also on the agenda.
Amir Khorakian, head of Tehran Municipality Cultural and Arts Organization, also stated that holding “brotherly pact” ceremony on the night of Eid al-Qadir is one of the most important items on the agenda of Tehran Municipality Cultural and Arts Organization to mark the occasion.
Tehran Municipality will hold this special program to promote Islamic brotherhood among citizens at 200 mosques across Tehran. The brotherly pact will be reminiscent of the conduct of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS) during their lives.

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