Qatar Charity offers meals for 1,000 fasting people in Aqsa Mosque yards

Qatar Charity offers meals for 1,000 fasting people in Aqsa Mosque yards
(Sunday, July 12, 2015) 14:02

Qatar Charity (QC) has continued implementing its Iftar project in the West Bank through its field office there.

As part of this, it has held a group Iftar for hundreds of women and a group Iftar for those who pray in the Great Mosque of Jaffa. 
It also distributed Iftar meals to poor families living in villages in northwest Jerusalem, people sponsored by QC and hundreds of poor people and passers-by in several cities in the West Bank. 

QC offers meals for 1,000 fasting people in Aqsa Mosque yards 

QC, in co-ordination with the division of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs at Al Aqsa Mosque, prepared a group Iftar for hundreds of women praying in the Dome of the Rock’s yards. It also distributed meals to around 1,000 fasting people in the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock yards.
Further, QC held a group Iftar for mentally-challenged people who live in Al Ihsan Charitable Society, Hebron, and who are sponsored by QC. 
More than 500 people broke their fast in a group Iftar at the Great Mosque of Jaffa where Palestinian workers who live in the West Bank and work in the occupied territories go to pray.  QC distributed Iftar meals to 120 poor families living in the northwest of Jerusalem and around 700 people benefited from this. 
In Hebron, QC distributed Iftar meals to over 190 poor families, with more than 1,500 people benefiting. QC also distributed meals in the town of Salfit. Food was given to 190 families sponsored by QC and some poor families nominated by Salfit Co-operative Union, benefiting more than 1,200 people. Finally, QC distributed meals to around 120 patients’ escorts at Hadassah Medical Centre.
Iftar meals were distributed among a number of poor families in the town of Tubas and Far’a camp for Palestinian refugees. More than 900 people benefited from this project.  
QC also offered group Iftar in the middle of Ramallah city for travellers on the road at the time of Iftar.  The organisation also presents Iftar meals to around 200 patients’ escorts at Al Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital in the middle of Jerusalem. 
During the first days of the holy month, QC organised a group Iftar for 1,000 people who were at Al Aqsa Mosque for prayer.  The Palestinians will also benefit from the Zakat al-Fitr project, which will cost around QR3,000,000. It is expected that around 185,000 people from 34 countries, including Palestine, will benefit from it. Further, QC will spend around QR5,000,000 to distribute clothes for Eid and different presents among 26,500 people from 34 countries.

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