Rallies target Tucson Mosque

Rallies target Tucson Mosque
(Saturday, June 20, 2015) 08:55

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The news of a rally outside Tucson's Islamic Center has been spreading on social media.

 Many fear it will bring hatred toward Muslims but the organizer claims it's about free speech. A month from now, those rallies are expected to fill the streets right here. The organizer for the anti-extremism rally says hundreds of people are expected to show, and that it's not a hate rally. 


Tonight, we spoke to the organizer of the Let Freedom Ring Rally. The event was initially described on Facebook as anti-Islam, calling the religion and mosques indoctrination centers for Jihad.
"They are indoctrinating and brainwashing certain people that are looking to do things across the nation and that is the problem that we have right now," said organizer Dean Remington. We caught up with the Imam at the Islamic Center of Tucson, and asked him about the two rallies, and if they're concerned about having a spectacle like the rallies in Phoenix.

"If he will express his opinion peacefully, we welcome anybody, everybody has his own opinion, and we respect all other opinion, said Sheikh Khaled Alazhari. One mosque member says the rally makes him uneasy.

"I don't know why they choose this place just because of the mosque, they can't choose the other street over there?" asked Ibrahwem Alabdulelah. But after speaking to Remington, the Facebook event description changed, saying the rally's not about protesting the mosque or Islam.

"I would love to see people shake hands together, have dialogue and have a peaceful protest that's what I'm looking for," said Remington. The group called "Stand Up Against Hate" will also be here to counter protest. Tucson police are saying they are monitoring the situation of these protests, and will come up with a plan closer to the rally dates.

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