Hujatul Islam Haaj Ali Akbari met Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

Hujatul Islam Haaj Ali Akbari met Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
(Saturday, May 30, 2015) 14:10

Hujjatul Islam Haaj Ali Akbari, the president of the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs met Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in Qum on the last Thursday and delivered the biennial report for the Center’s activities.

According to Mehran Bews Agency, Hujjatul Islam Haaj Ali Akbari met Ayatollah Makarem shirazi in Qum and elaborated his activities during two years past from his presidency in the Center. Haaj Ali Akbari stated that one of the important works in our Center was calling specialists and experts for delivering their ideas around mosque topic in the name of ‘FAAM’ Festival.



He emphasized on financial order issue as one of the most acceptable given patterns by the Center to the mosques of Tehran and mentioned the importance of resolving problems among some of the trustees of mosques.

Haaj Ali Akbari also elaborated one of the other cardinal missions in mosque area and said: empowerment of the relation between mosque and youth is one of our strategic mission in this area which has to be performed carefully. ‘’In this path it’s necessary to use our past experiences in order to attract and keep youth in mosques. We are determined to do this affair’’ Haaj Ali Akbari said.
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